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The best of both worlds for self-myofascial release. Soft, EVA foam on the outside so it is less invasive and won’t soak up any fluids (i.e., sweat), and a firm center cylinder that “pushes back” when you apply more pressure to go deeper into your tight muscles.

The GRID is 13″ long and 5″ in diameter, so it is far more transportable than traditional foam rollers.

Your price = $39.99

Choose the color of your Trigger Point Performance Grid


The Starter Set

The Starter Set
You’ll get the footballer, a trigger point massage ball, and the baller block.

Get the essential tools you need to begin workiing out the knots in your body.

Your price = $69.99

Trigger Point Performance Starter Set



The perfect tool for your entire thigh!

Your price = $59.99

Trigger Point Technologies Quadballer Qty:

Massage Ball

Massage Ball
An essential tool for whole-body relief.

Your price = $24.99

Trigger Point Technologies Massage Ball Qty:

The Ultimate Package

The Ultimate Package
You’ll get your choice of gid color, the quadballer, the footballer, 2 trigger point massage balls, and the baller block.

All the tools you need to work your entire body, including double-ball exercises.

Your price = $194.96

Trigger Point Performance Ultimate Package with the GRID



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