Affiliate Program

So here’s the deal:

For every new user that registers on our site, your affiliate gets 1/6 of the registration fee as a commission.

    Athlete membership =
    $3 for your Affiliate
    Fire Breather membership =
    $5 for your Affiliate
    Coach membership =
    $6 for your Affiliate
Each month we will send a report to your affiliate of the members registered during that month and ask what the affiliate wants to do with their commission.

They can:

  1. Add it to the commission from the previous month
  2. Receive it as a check
  3. Receive it in equal retail value of SMR tools
  4. Use it towards a clinic/mini-clinic
Spread the news and help your gym!

The affiliate commission is the same for each membership renewal as for new memberships. Members can register for an affiliate even if they don’t live in the local area. This allows family and friends to support your affiliate while getting tips from us on how to take better care of themselves.

**Any ongoing commissions for each affiliate will accumulate until the affiliate requests it in one of the four choices stated above.**

2 Responses to “Affiliate Program”

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    MARCELA PEREA January 14, 2012 at 4:57 am #

    I am interested in purchasing some of the smr tools. Do you offer discount for affiliates or members? Please advise.
    Marcela Perea
    CrossFit 100

  2. avatar
    Mark Sun May 25, 2011 at 6:41 pm #

    I was interested in getting some rumble rollers. Do you offer an affiliate discounts? If so how much? Thanks

    Mark Sun
    CrossFit Sun

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